Different kind of Blogger

Don’t you just love reading a good fashion blog??? I know I do….I love reading about all the fancy places that they have traveled to and seeing all the beautiful clothes that they get to wear, expensive clothes at that, and I love seeing all the delicious food that they get to eat… lol I don’t why I mentioned the food.  Sounds exciting right?? Makes u wish u could live that lifestyle right??  I know I wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t lol.. I am a dog groomer with bills , trying to save for a house and start a business so this blogger here can’t afford to be fancy… 

    Why read this blog??? I think you should read it because you will be able to relate to it.  Everyone wants to look good but let’s face it we are on a budget.  I can show you how to shop trendy and save money, and make something that you have at home look fierce.  I don’t follow the trends because I am different..  I am what you call a free spirit, I mean just look how my blog posts are written… How many bloggers do you know that will put multiple periods where commas should go ??? Not a lot , but me I don’t care lol.. I do what I want and I dress how I want… and you can too…Sure I will attend some events if I can afford them , and if I have time off , but even if I can’t I will still have things to write about and outfits to post so don’t worry.


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